Her Story

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

She seeks a place, a place that no eyes has seen, no ears have heard and no mind has imagined. Struggling like the rest, she thinks of only pleasing her Lord. Eternally in paradise, that is her goal.

I'm pretty much like any other 16 y/o girl. I go through my day facing difficulties at times. I struggle, I push myself in life, just like the rest. Sometimes, I feel the need to forget the troubles I face and work on attain one place, Paradise. A place of relief, a place of peace. A place where nothing can harm you and feel forever happy.

I have this blog because I like to write. Sometimes, I need to write about the things I see, things that make me think, things that I want people to think of and know their thoughts on. Does it have to do with Paradise? Not exactly. It's more on struggling, by passing all the troubles and attaining one's goal.

You're more than welcome to read, comment or follow my blog. I appreciate them all. :)

Your Sister in Faith,
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