Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A'oudubillah, I'm sorry for the title. I had to do something to get your attention.

I was chatting with my friend today and at some point, a talk like this came up:

Non-Muslim friend: "Hey Seeker, this guy is hot like this guy, don't you think?"
Me (inside my head): urghhhhhhh! DX astaghfirullah !!
Her: Hello?
Me: Sorry, what were you saying?
Her: I said he's hot like (so and so), right?
Me: *sigh*.... I don't want to answer
Her: What are you talking about??
Me: It's not right, you shouldn't look at guys like that.
Her: What do you mean?
Me: it's just.. .wrong. Look, I don't think of guys like that, ever in general actually.
Her: What the hell are you saying, girl!!?
Me: Omg.... NO! just- not- *sigh* forget it! )X
Her: loll, dude, the heck are you on? :PP

Being 15, lots of girls my age openly say : "Danng, that boy is fiine!" What's worse, sisters are now saying " Woahh, that brother is really hott mashaAllah." ><

You have no idea (okay, you probably do) how uncomfortable and awkward it is for me to hear them say that. What's worse, is when they want your opinion on it.>< I feel like banging my head against a wall whenever I hear those kind of words are uttered about a boy. I always cringe whenever I hear something like that because the one who's saying that XYZ is 'hot' is basically unashamedly saying : " I'm not lowering my gaze!" and that is totally wrong.

You see, Allah SWT tells both the men and the women to lower their gaze (24:30-31). How would you feel if someone what checking out your brother or sister? Would it not bother you?

My point is, none of us should say things like "You're hot" to the opposite sex (well, I wouldn't even say it to a girl, but that's another story lol) when we know that it's wrong (unless it's a non-muslim, then in that case we should explain to them why it's wrong). Also, it does not make it okay to say it if we add words like 'mashaAllah' or 'subhanAllah' to the sentence either. I tell myself first before I tell others, this is just a reminder (or possibly just me ranting) that we should never ever tell a guy or talk amongst our yourselves on how handsome a brother or how beautiful a sister may be.

Okay, I'm done.


Little Auntie said...

I so know what you mean.

Ma'shaAllah, well said :)

Seeker Of Jannah said...

^ JazakiAllah khair sis :)

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