Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random fact #2

I'm 16 and I still don't know how to cook. Should I be ashamed of myself?

I know for sure that if I went to my 'old country' , they'd look at me with disgust and say: 'Shame! Astaghfirullah! *spits on floor* what will you do when you get married? WHO will marry you! Shame...! I bet she can't even make tea!'

Yeah, well, I know how to make tea alhamdulillah. (I think. It's been a while) I don't know what's stoppping me from cooking though. I guess I've never really wanted to do it until I'm 18 or something (my mom has been reminding me constantly saying : ' Today I'm gonna teach you how to cook.', but then I'd leave the room lol).

InshaAllah, I'll learn to cook someday, maybe even during the summer, Allahu 'Alem. :)


@Little Auntie- Wa 'alaykumu salaam sis! :D I've read your comment but unfortunatly with my sucky internet connection, I can't answer to it via comment. :/ I can't really comment on any blog actually. :( But yes, it is nice and alhamdulillah, I feel like I'm more sincere and real this way instead of feeling like I'm putting up a show for my friends when they are reading ( does that make sense? :)) Wasalaam. xx


Little Auntie said...

LOL, this was cute!
I was the same as you...but mumzy then started the 'disappearing in the middle of cooking- you take over- act', so I had to kinda learn.' :)

I think Egyptian cooking though is pretty darn easy. It's all 'onions, garlic, tomato sauce, salt, a little bit of oil'...that's pretty much the 'recipe for everything'....LOL.

p.s. I think u're right about the sincerity part <3

Nadia said...

Salam aleikum sister,
I just wanted to let you know that I am nearly 30 and still don't know how to cook :). Well, I can handle basic meals but nothing more complicated actually. Nobody taught me as my mother obviously thought I could somhow learn it from mothing, without needing to spend time in kitchen :S. Alhamdulillah, I still managed to find good husband who has cooked for me LOL. So, don't worry sister, things will surely manage out for you as well, insha Allah.

SeekerofJannah said...

Asalaamu 'alaykum ladies!

@Little Auntie- Lol, smart move on your mom. ;) Hmm, I think I'll start with egyptian first then, lol. :P

@Nadia- Loll, so cool that your husband can cook for you, mashaAllah. :) I don't know what's considered 'basic food' (I can make cereal and sandwiches :/) but all that will be changing again this year because this time, my mom wants me to cook. -_-' InshaAllah, things do manage out for me. :)

Sara said...

Assalaam Alaikum sis,

I just wanted to say JazakAllah for the follow, and I'm following you as well now! Looking forward to learn more and get to know you better, iA. =)

I'm going to start exploring your blog now!

SeekerofJannah said...

@Sara- Wa 'alaykumu salaam sis,

Wa iyaaki for following me back! ^_^

Lol, explore away !

SeekerofJannah said...
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