Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where Do You Stand?

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah said:

"O you of little resolve, where do you stand upon this path? Adam found it difficult and Nuh lamented because of it, while Allaah’s Khaleel Ibraaheem was thrown into a pit of fire due to it. Isma’eel was laid upon his side ready to be sacrificed for its sake, and while upon it Yusuf was sold for a cheap price and then falsely cast into prison for many years. Zakariyah was sawed in half, and Yahya was slaughtered due to it. Ayyub suffered great distress, while Dawood cried copiously, and ‘Isaa cured the wretched poor of their diseases and walked with wild beasts due to it. And how many, how many forms of difficulty and hardship did the Messenger Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) face while proceeding upon it – yet you live through amusements and distractions!"

[al-Fawaaid: Page 41]


Reflection House said...

how r u hoeny? hope u r fine .... thanx a lot for ur sweet comment that u left in the chat box :)

congrats on ur new blog on blogger :)) .. wooow masha allah it's awesome sweetie ... i'm glad to be the first follower ;)
wish u the best of luck
ur sis reflectionhouse

Seeker Of Jannah said...

I'm good alhamdulillah sis, how r you? ^_^

Thanks for the congrats, I apprieciate it. It's actually my back-up blog, I'm waiting for my original to be back up. :/

But, alhamdulillah, it's all good. Thanks for being the first follower. :P

All the best,

Seeker of Jannah

Anonymous said...

wow! subhanallah! What fabulous words from our predessor, rahimullah! Jazakillahu khayran 4 sharing this.

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