Friday, August 6, 2010

*Last Piece of Ramadhan advice!*

Although Ramadhan is just few days away, don't be so sure you're going to make it. It's Allah that is keeping you alive at the moment and if He (swt) willed, He could take it away one minute before Ramadhan. HOPE that you make it inshaAllah.

Make dua that you do make it and that you benefit from it inshaAllah. Try reading up on things to do, participate in the cool activities you can do during this month like : Ramadhan Quran Contest or try to complete the Ramadhan checklist. Read some interesting books, articles, listen to lectures and/or catch some Ramadhan specials coming on HudaTV inshaAllah.

I'm only left to say Ramadhan Mubarak you and your families and may Allah (swt) let you all live to see this Ramadhan. :)

May Allah help us attain Taqwa during this month,
May Allah keep us dutiful to our parents and respect our

May Allah bringthe ummah closer during this blessed month,
May Allah help us to truly benefit from this month,
May we always remember our Lord every second,
May Allah let us observe Laylatul Qadr,
May Allah accept our duas during this month,
May Allah raise our rank on this month,
May Allah forgive our sins and accept our repentance,
May Allah have mercy on us.




Bintulislam said...

JzkAllah for your kind words !yet you terrified me sister.Ramadan Mubarak to you too:)

Seeker Of Jannah said...

^ Lol, sorry for the fright. It wasn't exactly my intention, I just wanted to remind people that. :)

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