Monday, August 16, 2010

Pakistan flood appeal- Worse than Tsunami

Help donate inshaAllah. Just look at them, they need their brothers and sisters' help. That's US.

You can donate to :

Islamic Relief

Muslim Hands
Al-Khair Foundation
UWT (Ummah Welfare Trust)

Remember: Any charity will do. Be it Red Cross, UNICEF. They all go to Pakistan inshaAllah.

You can also check if your local masjid, musalla or Halal Meat Store is already gathering money for Pakistan.

Help them TODAY.

May Allah swt reward you for your efforts.



ZINAH said...

mashallah sister, this is very good of you. May Allah help the brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Ameen! Great blog by the way :)

I just posted sothing similar on my blog too :)
feel free to check it out:

love and peace

Seeker Of Jannah said...

^ JazakiAllah Khair sis x) and ameen to your dua!

lol yeah I have, it's very lovely mashaAllah. :) ( I was checking out your art & design- So awesome mashaAllah, you're good! :D)

I'm following now. =D


Bintulislam said...


I really appreciate your step of coming forward to help Pakistanis.I want to quote the the Hadith where Prophet S.A.W.W explained how all muslims around the world are like a body and that when one part hurts the whole body becomes restless-but since I dun have the quotation right now so I guess I've just written it using my own memory:)

Seeker Of Jannah said...

^ Lol. I know that hadith. :)

( for those who don't: )

(In) The Book of Virtue, Good Manners and Joining of the Ties of Relationship (Kitab Al-Birr was-Salat-I-wal-Adab) [032:6258]

Nu'man b. Bashir reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.

I find it horrible that countries are taking lighty, subhanAllah. Just yesterday someone was saying that the flood is like a slow motion tsunami. :( :'( SubhanAllah.

Btw, I have a link for our UK followers here. If you click on the spinning ball, you raise 10p and pays for you. :)

Only 1 click is registered from the same source in a 24 hour period so please return
daily to click.


(got this off IB Forums, Jzk akhee Abdul Wahid.)

Seeker Of Jannah said...

Sorry, here's the link :

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