Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who is the Ideal Muslim Teenager?

This thought has been provoking me for a while...

Who is the ideal Muslim teenager?

One would say that the ideal Muslim teenager is the one who fulfills his or her rights in Islam such as he prays his obligatory prayers or she fasts during the month of Ramadhan...

Others would say that in Islam, there's really no "teenager", they're are actually adults, just younger.

But living in the west, there's a difference between a teenager and an adult. The teenager does not necessarily do what the adult does in the society.

When teens become teens, they see the true reality in life. They realize that life isn't always a ray of sunshine, they figure out that their parents aren't perfect, they start to think for themselves and do things their way.

But what if you are a Muslim teenager and you already knew all that? What if you already knew that life isn't fair and that parents are not perfect? If we look closely at hows Islam describes what a teenager is and what the society describes what a teenager is, we'll see a big difference.

Islam's Teenager:
  • Prays 5 times a day
  • Fasts the holy month of Ramadhan
  • Enjoins what is good and forbid what is evil
  • Lowers his or her gaze
  • Respects his or her dress code
  • Acquires knowledge
  • Does not mix with the opposite gender
  • Picks his friends wisely
  • Participates with the community
  • Is active and productive
  • Does not despair from Allah's mercy
  • Has a bigger goal in mind
  • Follows the Qur'an and Sunnah
  • Loves for his brother what he loves for himself
Society's Teenager:
  • Acquires knowledge
  • Has a bunch of friends
  • Tries to fit in with the crowd
  • Does after school activities, has a hobby
  • Participates with the community
  • Likes what the other kids like
  • Checks out the opposite gender
  • Can be lazy
  • Atitude
  • Gets Teenage Angst
  • Can be moody
  • Feels lost
  • Wants to be known
  • Wants to be the best
  • Constantly changes
  • Is pretty much hated by adults
  • Always tries something new
  • Wants to be treated as a 'big kid'
  • Pushes and hides himself or herself from the older
  • Complains that no one 'gets him'
  • So utterly confused
  • Lets society show him or her who they really are
  • Two words. Peer Pressure
Obviously there are some things you're just not going to do because it's impermissible in Islam. But there are some things mentioned above that as a teenager, you just face it. Like moodiness, I don't know anyone who has never been moody, it's natural. So is peer pressure, you just got the get the good kind and not the bad one. When the Muslim teenager in the west is fulfilling his or her rights, they are considered to be acting like an adult. Why is that? It makes teenagers sound like immature grown babies.

Once, a friend of mine told me that I looked very mature, that I'm a good girl and is respect-worthy because of how I dressed('abayah) and act.

She was telling be that I should be treated like an adult. Not a teen.

But why? Because I don't go joking with the guys? Because I don't go to parties? Because I don't own a pair of skinny's? That makes me not a teen? I don't think so, I think there's more to it being an adolescent.

Many of the things I've mentioned in the society's teen is in fact seen in the Muslim teen. But how much can you show?

I'm asking if it's possible to combine both and have an ideal Muslim teen in his society (not Muslim adult, but teen [hope that made sense...]).


Dreamer said...

Very nice post! Many Muslim teens become easily strayed because of peer pressure. When I started high school, I was shocked at the level of openness between Muslim boys and girls. May Allah protect us and the youth from this duniya and Shaytan. Ameen.

Seeker Of Jannah said...

JazakiAllah Khair for reading!

Sadly, high school is still like that. I pray that things change for the better :/
Ameen to your dua.

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

Mash'Allah wonderful post. I agree on everything you said, many people ignore this stage of life, and always relate it to craziness and neglect. while its really important to start taking wise decisions and have a healthy adolescence. it effects greatly on your life as an adult

Seeker Of Jannah said...

Definitely, adolescence should be used to get oneself together and ready for the adulthood.

JazakiAllah Khair for reading. :)

Salsabil said...

Great blog with great information for teens!! Inshallah you will get the reward for creating such blog...very informative!! Also check my blog out: and follow me Inshallah!
Jazakiallah xxx Salsabil

Haute Muslimah said...

Excellent post, very well written mA!

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